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I wrote a book on personal productivity called Pomodoro Technique Illustrated. It was initially published by Pragmatic Bookshelf in the U.S and it's now available in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, German, Russian, Swedish, and some other languages.

My blog is called Brainmoda and my twitter name is @staffannoteberg.


I give public courses in Monotasking and Regex. Let me know if you want any of these courses in-house at your company. They are easily adjusted in length and skill level to suit you.

I was invited to speak at Devoxx, AgileXX, Jfokus, ScanDev, GeeCON and many other major conferences in Europe and North America.


I'm a professional software developer since 1992. I work as a freelancer on contract. My track record is included in my full cv. I've participated in many Enterprise Java projects. I also have proficiency in C++, JavaScript, Ruby and many other technologies.

My role varies from developer and architect to Agile and Lean coach.


Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss training, writing or consulting. My mobile number is 0708-628888 and my email is staffan.noteberg@rekursiv.se.